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Known Issues - Sanchay Post Version 7.0

1. NSC IX Issue 10years

No provision for handling NSC IX Issue has been made in Sanchay Post. So, as per SB order no.30/2011 dated 30/11/2011 NSC IX Issue (stock maintenance & certificate issue) should be to be done manually.

2. SCS Extended Accounts Closure

For SCS Accounts closed after completion of 8 years (extended accounts), interest for no. of days elapsed from date of maturity to date of closure is erroneously calculated at the rate of 9%.

  • Post Maturity has to be paid for completed months only at SB rates of interest.

  • Post Maturity Interest should be calculated manually at the time of closure.

3. SCS accounts extended after April 2012
  • For SCS Accounts extended after 01/04/2012, the interest rate should be at the prevailing rate, i.e. 9.3%. Software will calculate interest based on the date of opening of the account, i.e. 9%.

  • For these accounts, use 'Miscellaneous >> Updation of interest in extended SCS accounts' option in DBAnalyzer for solution.
4. Transfer-in of SCS extended accounts

For SCS extended accounts opened as transfer-in, open the SCS account as transferred-in with 21 withdrawals through online module. If one year has elapsed from the date of maturity, then use 'Miscellaneous >> Extension of transferred-in SCS accounts' option in DBAnalyzer for solution.

5. Maturity Date of NSC VIII Issue - 5years

No modification is done in Sanchay Post regarding the calculation of maturity period in respect of NSC VIII Issue - 5 years certificates. The maturity date of NSC VIII Issue certificates issued in Sanchay Post will be calculated on the basis of 6 years only and displayed as such in the case of 5 years certificates also.



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