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RD Customer Package Version 3.0
This software is to be used by MPKBY / PRSS agents for generating files which can be imported into Sanchay Post.


Frequently Asked Questions
1. While installing RD Customer Package, an error 'Error 1334. The file 'GlobalControls_COMCT332OCX_f0.64768830_83DC_ 11D2_B95D_006097C4DE24' cannot be installed because the file cannot be found in cabinet file ''. This could indicate a network error....' occurs.
  Before installation of RD Customer Package, ensure that Microsoft Access or Access Runtime is installed in the system.
Access Runtime can be downloaded from: or
2. How to upgrade the new RD Customer Package if the old version distributed with SB Plug-In software is already in use?
  Take a backup of 'rdprss.mdb' file and keep it safe. Install the new package Version 3.0. Copy the backup copy of 'rdprss.mdb' (old version) file to the application folder overwriting the newly created 'rdprss.mdb' file. After copying the 'rdprss.mdb' file, earlier data will be available for use in the new version also.
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