e-Post service was launched during 2004 to the people who do not have internet access. This service facilitates communication between people who do not have computers and internet connectivity at either point, through electronic transmission and manual delivery of mail/message through Postman to the addressee, anywhere in India.

  • ePost Retail customers can either walk in to the ePost centre and hand over typed/handwritten/scanned messages/pictures etc or register themselves in online by accessing to ePost URl www.indiapost.nic.in. The latter will be called as Prepaid users who can recharge their accounts and send the messages through online.
  • To facilitate Corporate customers, ePost service was launched during 2010. Customers will be enrolled on receipt of the application in the prescribed form. After enrolment, they will be provided with user ID and password by which they can log in and send ePost messages from their premises. Credit facility is available for ePost corporate customers by furnishing Bank guarantee or signing of MoU. Advance payment facility is also available
  • Retail ePost costs @ Rs10/- per page of A4 size per message. ePost corporate costs Rs.6/- per page of A4 size per message & Rs. 5/- per page of A4 size messages 50 or more messages are sent.