Name of the Officer Designation Contact Email
Smt. J. Charukesi Chief Postmaster General 044-28520366
Ms. B.P. Sridevi Postmaster General (Mails & Business Development) 044-28521608
Shri B. Arumugam Director Postal Services (HQ) 044-28520241
  Director Postal Services (Mails & Business Development) 044-28551385
  Director (Foreign Post) 044-25240963
Chennai City Region (Chennai)
Shri G. Natarajan Postmaster General 044-28521989
Shri K. Somasundaram Director Postal Services 044-28521496
Central Region (Tiruchirappalli)
Smt. T. Nirmala Devi Postmaster General 0431-2463600
Shri K. Raveendran Director Postal Services 0431-2460637
Southern Region (Madurai)
Shri V.S. Jayasankar Postmaster General 0452-2532244
Shri A. Saravanan Director Postal Services 0452-2531893
Western Region (Coimbatore)
Ms. Sumitha Ayodhya Postmaster General 0422-2554100
  Director Postal Services 0422-2554200
General Manager, Postal Accounts & Finance, Chennai
Smt. M. Anita General Manager 044-28260272
  Director Accounts (P) 044-28278013