• Meghdoot Postcards are the fastest selling postal stationery. The present sale price of Meghdoot Postcard is on 25 paise per card, compared to 50 paise for the regular post card.
  • At least 2 contacts per post card are assured. (i.e sender and receiver). In practice, 6 to 7 persons are exposed to a post card.
  • Meghdoot Postcard is extensively used in the economically growing semi urban and rural areas.
  • It is the most appropriate medium for spreading awareness relating to health, social issues, environmental and consumer concerns. Besides Government and Private sector organisations, Banking sectors (eg. DRDA, ONGC, PCRA, Dept of Tourism etc.,) may also find this a potent medium.
  • The consumer product manufactures, who would like to expand in the semi-urban and rural areas can’t find a better avenue than Meghdoot Postcards.

Technical details :

  • Half of the Postcard on the address side (measures 9 x 6.5 cms) is available for advertisement.
  • Multicolour (4 colours) advertisement can be printed.
  • Minimum quantity order is 1 Lakh Meghdoot Postcards @ Rs.2 per card. Payment has to be made in advance.
  • 5 % discount is admissible for order quantity being more than 5 Lakhs and 10% for order quantity more than 10 lakhs.
  • The time required for putting the cards in the market is about 2 months from the receipt of the artwork.

Samples of Meghdoot Cards Advertised in Tamilnadu :