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Articles may be insured at all post offices. Insurance covers all risks in course of transmission by post . The prepayment of all charges on insured articles namely postage, registration and insurance fee is compulsory. Postage stamps affixed to an insured article must be placed apart from one another so that they may not serve to conceal injuries to the cover of the letter or parcel.         

Articles which can be insured :

   Registered letters
   Value Payable Registered Letters
   Registered Parcels
   Value-Payable Registered Parcels

Articles for which insurance is compulsory :

   Articles containing :
           Precious Stones
           Currency Notes / Bank Notes
           Articles of Gold or Silver

   All value payable articles on which the value exceeds Rs.100/-

Limit upto which articles can be insured :

   Up to Rs.600/- at Branch post offices
   Up to Rs.1,00,000/- in other post offices
   Insured value shall not exceed the real value of the contents of the article insured.
   The articles containing gold, coin or ../images/bullion government currency
      notes or bank notes or any combination of these shall be insured for the actual
      value of the contents.
   Articles containing cash can be insured upto a maximum of Rs.20,000/- only.

Insurance Charges

   Rs.10/- upto the value of Rs.200/- and Rs.6/- for every additional Rs.100/- or part
      thereof, in addition to postage and registration fee.
   An acknowledgement card is to be attached to the article mandatorily. No fee is
      payable towards acknowledgement.