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The objective of Registered Post facility is to provide secure transmission of the articles. A record is kept at all stages the registered article passes through. Also the registered articles are transmitted, under special precautions.         

Advantages of sending your mail through Registered Post :

  Registerd articles are delivered to the addressee under acquittance and hence an acknowledgement signed by the addressee can be made available to the sender

   Disposal of the article at any stage can be traced as record regarding movement of the article is maintained at every stage from booking till the time of its delivery.

  In case of loss or damage of the article, the sender is eligible for a compensation.

Articles which can be registered :

 Letter Cards
 Book Packets
 Pattern Packets
 Blind Literature Packets
 Newspapers prepaid with postage at newspaper rates of postage

Articles for which registration is compulsory :

  Any parcel exceeding 4 kilograms in weight.
  Any insured article
  Any parcel addressed to a place for which a customs declaration is required
  Any article bearing the word -REGISTERED- on the cover
  Any registered article which is re-posted after having been delivered
  Any value-payable article
  Any article containing the following :
          Bank note

Registration Charges

   Rs.17/- in addition to postage payable towards the article.
   Rs.20/- in addition to postage, if an acknowledgement from the addressee is required.
      An acknowledgement card has to be attached to the article for this purpose.